September 9, 2015

Las Vegas Insta

Currently on the road in Nevada right now. Here are some photos I took of Las Vegas over the past few days. The weather here was wonderful- sunny, hot, but not humid.

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite places to visit. Sure, there are the tacky souvenir stores and drunk people of all ages, but everyone is retarded once you set your mind to it. Personally, I absolutely LOVE the vibe of vintage Vegas. The rustic neon signs, the yellow and red downtown casino lights, the runned down chapels and houses surrounded by a few tall palm trees- they all have an unique charm to it.

The hotel Arjun and I stayed in, SLS, was right across the street from 3 wedding chapels. One of them was called "Elvis Royal & Tux". It had a pink convertible parked on the front entrance and on the window it had a huge ad saying "Pretend wedding photos $35".

I was equally amused by the sign as when I met a Vegas local named "Danny" downtown. Danny was a middle aged man who works at a company that sells ice cream machines. He travels around the world repairing ice cream machines.  I was impressed that I actually met a local in Vegas.

"So how do you like living in Vegas?" I asked Danny.

"It's great, except everywhere you go they treat you like a tourist." Danny replied. I was going to make a smutty remark that he was standing in the middle of  Fremont Street so of course people would treat him like a tourist.

"Is crime high here? I hear Vegas isn't exactly safe?"

"Well, I live in a gated community. I think it is quite safe. Sometimes I don't see neighbors for days. But some of my neighbors are crazy. They have these fancy alarm systems in their house. Very paranoid people!" Danny replied.

"Yeah, some people are pretty paranoid, at least compare to me. I don't even lock my door when I walk my dog" I said. I was beginning to feel somewhat comfortable and connected with Danny. Like him and I could hang out and have a few beers.

"Yeah, people with their alarms in their house and cars. I just don't get it... I mean, just get a few hand guns and keep them around and that'd be sufficient. That's what I do."

That was when my face went from :D to :O

"So, you are pro gun control I guess?" I asked.

"Well yeah, all these crazy people out there have guns. The government just let anyone have guns. So you outta have at least one too. To protect yourself against the crazies! Ya know?"

As a Canadian, I never really understood Americans and their fascination with owning guns. The discussion of limiting people who are mentally ill to get a hold of a gun instead of letting everyone own guns never crossed my mind. Because there is only so much you can talk to a person who thinks you need to defend crazies that own guns with more guns. Is it more safe in Canada? I don't know. Is gun control too strict in Canada? I don't know. Is maple syrup as good as Canadian tourism make it out to be? Definitely not. So I nodded, the way a foreigner pretend to understand when someone has finished a sentence.

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