October 16, 2015

Ottawa Food and Wine

I've been traveling a lot lately (heck, I'm in Nova Scotia right now), but one of the events that I always look forward to and attend in Ottawa is the Food and Wine show. The show is an annual 3 day event (happening October 30th - Nov 1st this year) celebrating various wines of different regions in the world and local crusine. The festival features seminars from chefs, beer craft experts and mixologists to provide people different ideas and inspirations to host a dinner.

I enjoy going because it is a great place to meet people while trying out small plates from local restaurants and food vendors. With so many varieties, I believe that there has to be something to please anyone's culinary palette. It is also a great place to try out different wines, instead of buying an entire bottle and after you open it, realizing that the wine you bought is not your taste.

This year, since Food and Wine is happening over Halloween, there is a contest for the best costume with the prize being $7500 trip for two for the Barbados Food, Wine and Rum show. But if dressing in costumes is not your thing, then regular cocktail or semi formal attire is great too. Though it is always fun to add some extra glam, since it is Halloween after all.

Hope to see you there this year!