October 8, 2015

Poncho Season

{Photos by Victoria; wearing Buffalo by David Bitton skirt, Happiness Boutique necklace}

Last night I finally watched Jurassic World (that new Jurassic Park movie). The main woman in the movie was wearing high heels the entire time. In fact, she outran a t-rex, raptors, and that hybrid dinosaur and hiked in the jungle in those heels. Whatever her brand of heels, I want 10 pairs of them. Lol.

Did you guys like that movie? I thought the characters were clique. The GI Joe pompous army guy, the overweight security guy eating and sleeping on his job (and then decided to open the main gate to let out that hybrid dinosaur and there were no one else guarding that portion of the compound even though that dinosaur was suppose to be the future bread and butter of the theme park), and really, the raptor whisperer? I mean, I know it's a movie about a dinosaur theme park so it's already far fetched and can't be the most logical, but at least have the characters in the movie have more common sense? Ian and I felt that they re-used a lot of things from the first movie as well, except the best scene: that guy getting eaten while sitting on the toilet.

Anyway, here is an outfit from last week which is oh-so-fall with my current favorite necklace from Happiness Boutique. I know I've featured the necklace a few times before but I just love how it can dress up a simple outfit. Have a good day!