October 5, 2015

Staycation in Perth

{Photos by Victoria and me}

A few weeks ago, my sister Victoria and I decided to go to Perth, Ontario for the weekend and just hang out there. I love the vibe of the little town with all its antique stores. Plus it's got that giant park that Janga just runs around chasing birds. The weather has gotten a lot colder now, and the leaves are more red than they are here. It really makes me miss summer already. And I really need to move somewhere warmer!


  1. Wow, Nice! seems a lot of fun! I am sure you are having fun together :)

  2. Julie, I miss Summer too... I need to move somewhere warmer... I don't mind the Fall... I dread the Winter... I may have to defect soon xox ♡

  3. Gorgeous pics!

  4. like all of ur outfits!!! weekend pics are soooo awesome!!!)))) have a wonderful day, sweety)))) xoxo <3 <3 <3

  5. come to BHUTAN on ur next trip julie..you wil love it

  6. Oooh, Perth looks lovely! Fantastic shots of your time there - and the outfits! *_*
    Always looking top notch girl, love it

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  7. That sounds like a nice mini getaway. I like the fall though so I was pretty excited that the trees around me are starting to turn red hah


  8. Oh wow, those shots are gorgeous as usual Julie! For a moment I thought you flew all the way to down under! I tend to forget that there are so many cities in north america with the same names of other cities and towns from around the world! I would LOVE to be engrossed in the changing seasons, drying up leaves, cold weather, warm foods and so on but Singapore stays sunny all year round! :p

  9. What a lovely place for a "cation" of any sort. I love the old buildings. I like the vibe too....and yours! :)