November 19, 2015

A Day In Grand Canyon

{Photos by Arjun and me; wearing American Eagle romper}

The photos are a result of Arjun and I spending a day hiking in the Grand Canyon. Arjun is one of the guys I love traveling with. He will do all the research before or during and just spit out random facts at the scene like a walky talky Wikipedia.

"Do you know that the Grand Canyon is 5000 feet deep?" Arjun said.
"That's great." I replied.
"Do you know that the Grand Canyon is 2 billion years old?"
"That's great."
"Do you know that on average, it takes 6 hours to walk all the way down and back up?"
"That's great."
"Do you ever say anything other than 'that's great'?"

Once in a while during our hike, he would pick up a random pamphlet and start reading about the Colorado River and the wild life. For a solid 10 minutes he talked about the south rim and the north rim.

"Look at all these animals that live in the desert here... we got some goats, and snakes..." Arjun said.
"Goats are nice. But I prefer not to know about the snakes, thanks."
"Right. So you don't ruin your blog clothes."

Spending the day in the Grand Canyon was wonderful. We hiked 2 hours down the canyon and saw the Colorado river. As we hiked lower and lower into the canyon, we heard less and less people and the more humble I felt surrounded by its beauty. At one point I felt so small and that my problems were completely insignificant compare to the 2 billion year old rocks around me. It was truly an experience.

Hiking down was difficult but not nearly as much as hiking back up. At one point we almost ran out of water (and apparently people die climbing back up from dehydration). We took a few breaks in whatever shadow we found and eventually we heard tourist children screaming. At that moment, it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard, because it meant we were almost back at the top where the tourist buses were. Where the tourists take their air conditioned buses, only glance at the canyon from above, take their token photo with the canyon in the back, and head back to their hotel to check off GC from their check list. But Arjun and I knew it was more than that. GC was more than that to us.


  1. soooo gorgeous!! even though its ridiculously hot there, I miss the splendid scenery there.

  2. :P 'blog clothes' even though it's not the best suitable hiking gear,
    you look GREAT! I'd love to witness the Grand someday c:
    Xx Ice Pandora

  3. Wow!! Such an amazing experience!! I love the pics and you look great, as always :)
    I hope you enjoyed it :)


  4. Amazing, there's not one bad shot that could be taken there! I've watched so many documentaries, and read about so many hikers and visitors who got lost or went off their path and many who didn't survive due to the extreme weather. It's scary but the place is such a magnificent example of nature I'd love to visit and I'd be in hiking gear for sure :p

  5. Wow this is so amazingly beautiful. Your pictures look like they are straight out of a travelers magazine!

    Only The Brave Blog

  6. OMG.. this seems magical.. so beautiful & breathtaking!!

  7. woooow!!! sooooooo beautiful pics!!! amazin view, amazin trip!!! girl ur lucky!!!))))) happy friday, hunny)))))) xoxo <3

  8. Those are great pictures. Most don't capture the "humbling" nature of the place, but these do. My "That's great" is "That's interesting", even when it's not. But in this case, 2 billion years? That's interesting!!! I didn't know it was that old. I remember reading or hearing it was carved during the retreat of an ice shelf at the end of an ice age, but that's all I remember.

  9. Such a great experience and I absolutely love your shots! I have yet to visit the Grand Canyon, but I sure hope I get to do so soon. Your romper looks great on you xx

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