November 3, 2015

His And Hers

{In Blue Handmade flask and sketchbook}

I am always looking for ideas for gifts for men. If they are like any men in my life, they always want the newest smart phone, biggest flat screen TV, some technology thing that cost a bazillion dollars. Men like practical gifts instead of something that sits as a paper weight somewhere in their house. They aren't like women where you can find them a relatively cheap gift such as a $30 trinket, and there is only so much clothes you can get them.

With the holiday season coming up, I recently came across In Blue Handmade and I actually think that it solved my gifting for men problem this year. For example, the flask above. Guys like practical gifts, and they like to drink, and how great would the leather flask look on their bar beside their scotch and whiskey? On the way of ordering the flask, I also came across this handmade notebook that would be perfect for my sister since she likes to sketch. Two gifts down, a few more to go!