November 13, 2015

Hitting Concrete

{Photos by Victoria; wearing Dish and Duer pants, Hudson Bay tweed jacket, Nine West pumps}

Lately I've been running around for work trying to get everything done. Meetings, projects, the usual work stuff. I find that it's hard to be hustling in work clothes. Most of them restricts mobility- either in the arm or between sitting and standing. Hence I was happy to come across these pants from Dish and Duer. Their innovative design make them feel like sweatpants, even though they can totally pass for pants for work. The pants are versatile that they can be paired with a blazer from 9-5 and cardigan from 5-9. For more information visit here.

Outside of work, things have been going well. The other day when I was shooting for a project I came across a former friend. She stopped all her interactions with me one day because she got married and decided that she was too well dressed and too good for me. All of the sudden, even though I helped her move twice, was there throughout her first engagement fallout, and was her personal taxi and errand runner for years. There was no more to the fallout other than she decided to stop answering my calls and I randomly came across her deleting me from all her social media one day. I saw her at the project and didn't bother acknowledging her. There was no point. I'm over it and I have been over it.

Why am I mentioning it now? Because when this happened a couple years back, it took me a few weeks to try to analyze what went wrong, and if it was me who did something. Eventually I realized that it wasn't me at all, it was never me. She has always been the type to flip flop on decisions, talking trash on others behind their back, and using people to her advantage. Throughout our friendship, I have always put in more than she did, both financially and time. So it wasn't my fault or my doing to her at all. I did find it funny that of the years that I've known her, she talked trash of Ottawa, from the people to the places to everything else in between, and always had a bazillion plans to move out of Ottawa (as a form of success or self validation or whatever)... And yet when I saw her, she was still here and nothing has changed other than a ring on her finger.

I hope that at the end of the day we are proud of who we are through the daily decisions we make. In the end, we are the one who has to live with our actions, choices, lies, decisions and, in essence, who we have chosen to become. There is always a choice. And if someone wants to live in denial, let them be. Life is too short.