November 4, 2015

Hopewell Rocks ("Flower Pots")

The time I made Ian drive 4 hours to see "some rocks" in New Brunswick, as he puts it. He will never let go of it now. It wasn't rainy and it did not rain the before, the ground is always muddy due to its fluctuation of tides. Some times you can walk along the shore for hours, and sometimes the rocks can only be accessed by Kayaks.

Hopewell rocks is one of the sites I've always wanted to visit along the east coast. I've always wondered why whenever I Googled it, Google always show that one angle of the rocks. The same angle that picture 2 was taken above. It turned out that that angle is essentially the only angle you can take of the rocks, as every other direction was blocked by trees. There is only one way to get down to the beach and one way to get back up through these metal staircases. So it's best to go early in the morning when there are less tourists and parents with big strollers.

"So now we've done the damn rocks." Ian said.
"We've done the Hopewell rocks." I added "It makes it sound more significant."

Significant as 4 pieces of standalone rocks by the shore as it can be. Then again, nature is just mud, snow, sand, plants and rocks and then its variations. And seeing something new is always better than not seeing something new. So putting a check mark beside my unexisting list of 'things to do in life' and moving on.