December 14, 2015

Afternoon With Ace

{Photos by Victoria and me; wearing SammyDress Dress, Jeffrey Campbell heels}

Last weekend I took an afternoon off to have some drinks with my sister. We decided to go to Ace Mercado for some tacos. We had a good time and I have always loved the vibe of Ace. The Caesar there is amazing, and I am a die hard Bloody Mary fan- I don't know, something about booze and tomatoes that just go so well together? Turned out that the Caesar at Ace is all house made and the whole process takes 3 days, from mixing the juice to letting the cilantro set in order to give it the taste.

Here I'm wearing a dress from SammyDress, the weather in Ottawa has been freakishly warm (for this time of the year) that a breezy dress and a jacket was sufficient for the day. And black really goes with anything.


  1. cute restaurant, and those tacos look divine. your dress looks great against the pretty wallpaper!

  2. The place looks so cool!! If I ever go to Ottawa, I'll probably end up there ;)
    I love your dress: it is super classy, chic and elegant and it really suits you.
    Hope you have a nice day!


  3. Julie, you are right black goes with anything... I'm happy to hear you are still having warm enough weather that you can wear this pretty dress.

    Have a great week and let's hope the weather stays good ♡ xox

  4. Pretty! that skull wall paper looks cute :)

  5. Yay to the food, dress and your sister. Boo to cilantro! (Yep, I'm one of those people)

  6. So gorgeous and so comfy! ♥
    i love your posts so much!

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  7. really interestin place))) ur lookin gorgeous in this dress!!!))) xoxo <3

  8. Gorgeous! I love your shoes!