December 4, 2015

Vegas Baby

Photos of my Vegas trip back in September. While the main strip of Vegas can be cheesy and "too much", it's still fun to go for a few days. You get all your exercise just walking from one hotel to another on the other side of the street because the blocks are huge and everything is huge.

The last photo with the pink convertible is probably my favorite. While we were driving around, we found this place that takes "pretend wedding photo" for $35 (and you get a pink convertible as prop for free! what a deal!). Behind the store was a runned down chapel that looks like it will crumble any minute, along with a hotel pool that looks like you would catch all sort of diseases when you dip in it. It was exactly something I envision when I threaten my parents about getting eloped to a random in Vegas when they nag me about settling down.

The old strip was my favorite part- cheaper food, cheaper roulette and blackjack tables, and it just seems more authentic and sincere than the new part- if that makes any sense. I played some roulette everyday, some days I would gain some and lose it all, others I would just lose. But on the last night, when I had way too much to drink and shouldn't be making any decisions on me own, I ended up making $75 playing roulette and black jack. Hey, that's $75 US missy, it's like $100 CDN. And if oil prices fall even more and Canada becomes the new third world country that has no other exports to offer other than racoon hats and hipsters in red and black plaid shirts, it might be worth a bazillion dollars one day.