February 16, 2016

All My Dears

{Photos by Victoria and I; wearing Mavi jeans}

A few weeks back, Victoria and I went to Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec for a weekend getaway. On our way there, we decided to stop by Parc Omega to feed some animals. It was magical. The elks and deer come right up to your car and eat carrots off your hands. Some even stuck their head inside your car for more.

It was a good thing that I wore my comfortable Mavi jeans, since we ended up doing some hiking and outdoor activities that I'm sure my other pants would just split right open.

My favorite was the bison, as I've never encounter a bison so close. They look like old gangster members up close with their blood shot eyes and don't mess with me attitude. The pigs were cute too, I loved how they oink as they trot by your car. Anyway, they say this place is for kids, I say it's awesome and I'd definitely go back again!