February 26, 2016

Vacay Dreaming

{Photos by Victoria; wearing GoWood sunglasses}

Currently traveling in Nova Scotia where the weather is slightly warmer than Ontario... But not by much! Instead of snow there is a ton of rain. I guess winter is all about staying home and Netflix and chill. These sunglasses that I'm wearing is from GoWood, a Canadian company that sells wooden sunglasses and phone cases. They are super comfortable- unlike my other pair of wayfarers they don't pinch my nose nearly as much, leaving a weird indent on my face when I take them off. I can't wait to take them with me to Bali next month. Bali, palm trees and beaches... Soon, soon.


  1. perfect laid-back outfit for a vacation!

  2. Love it!! The long shirt is awesome :)



  3. Oh my goodness Julie... it's so awesome that you're going to Bali, the people that I know that have vacationed there love it and want to go back.

    I wish the weather could be better in Nova Scotia for you... all I can say is that it is a good 80% plus better than last year xox ♡♡

  4. The handbag looks perfect :) You pretty girl.

  5. Perfect look for Island cruising!


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