March 14, 2016

East Coast Winter

... Which is not at all wintery compare to Ontario. Sometimes this makes me really wonder what I'm doing in Ottawa. Actually, what I'm doing not living in a warmer place. I guess one can just get up and leave- but it's really not that easy after you have mortgages, and just thinking of packing up everything make me anxious. Heck. even the idea of moving my old couch from my living room, down those annoying winding stairs to my driveway and arrange someone to dispose of it is the main reason why I haven't gotten a new couch.

This weekend I told my dad that I don't mind growing old on my own with a dog. Obviously he tried explaining to me that my life isn't complete without children and a family. Not having someone is not something I'm aiming toward, but I'd rather be alone than feeling trapped with someone just because it's 'society norm' to have a husband, have children, and have a house with a backyard.

Still, I have amazing people in my life. And all the unexpected friendships, family, someone to talk to till wee hours in the morning and not really about anything in particular, saying yes to whatever I want to do and grabbing my bags and travel.

Isn't that enough? Yes. For now it is.


  1. Julie I think you should live life the way you want to... I don't think there is a norm. I used to be anxious about doing different things... because my life like the 'norm' I honestly can't wait to get up and just go... I probably couldn't have done that with someone in my life... hopefully you can get rid of that couch soon...♡♡♡

  2. Same for me: it's not like I don't want to have a bf, get married and everything... but I'm still young and I haven't met yet this guy. Therefore, why I should I worry for sth that for now I cannot change and it's not even bad.
    I love the pictures as always, and both looks are great.
    Hope you had a nice beginning of the week!


  3. Stunning photos! You have impeccable style and your photography is amazing as well!


  4. Feeling matters more than conditions. One can be alone but feels like she's never lonely. Why not?

  5. I want to sell my house furnished and just walk away from all the junk. Or get a dumpster and just ditch it all--no time spent sorting, just dumping!!! If my wife ever goes out of town without me, I'm going to have a very clumsy many broken items. :D

  6. I have figured out a long time that society is not going to make me happy, I own myself happiness and if i find that through travelling, then that is what I will do for now. I like your black dress and sandals!

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