March 4, 2016

It's All Giving You Away

{wearing Mavi jeans}

Consider this. We are alive and living on this earth, we are physically and mentally capable to do whatever we want... Within reason. We could eat whatever we want tonight, and we could just pack up and move if we really want to.  So why are most of us living in a box, afraid to step outside our comfort zone, and spend all the time collecting things that we use to impress people?

There is more to life than work, pay for bills and die. There is more to life than staying in our comfort zone and buy expensive things to justify ourselves to others. So you have a nice car and a nice purse. Eventually you will get a nicer car and a nicer purse. Then a few years later you will get a even nicer car and a nicer purse. Maybe you will end up driving a Bentley and carrying a Birkin. And then what? Don't you think that gets old? Because I do. And really, you're not an A list celebrity or a D bag rapper. Coming from me, someone who used to spend all her money on bags- even I eventually got sick of it. Cuz how many nice car and bag does one really need?

The material things really don't matter. It goes out of style. There are always new models. Yes, you can upgrade your iPhone and get that "it" bag and those "to die for" heels every year. Then you show it off to your friends like you live such a high life. Then the next year rolls around and you do the same thing, and the year after, and so forth.

You're not a drone. You are more than this. You should be more than this.

The strength that comes with the "I don't care to follow society conventions" attitude is empowering. But not in that "I crashed my car into the bridge, I don't care, I love it" way. Because if I really did crash my car into the bridge, I'd care and I'd hate it. I'm talking about the "I don't care what socity thinks and I'm doing what I actually want to do".

We paint this apathetic demeanor in coats of coolness- look how glamorous it is to be showered in material goods. We admire it and fantasize it and listen to songs about it. But really, it doesn't matter. 5 years from now when someone asks what you have been doing with your life, what are you going to say? "I worked so I bought a nice car and a big house in which I am almost done paying off so I can buy a nicer car and eventually a bigger house." Tell me that doesn't sound at least a little ridiculous.

We are humans, we are more complex than any other animal. We do more than just eat, exercise and sleep. Don't you have any curiosity or adventure in you? Don't you want to experience new things? See things you haven't seen? I really should hope so.

If you're going through life trying new things, exploring new places, making handful of mistakes you'd rather never reminisce on but you've learned to survive and improved on, then you've got the makings of what it really means to be cool. There are far greater legacies to have than what phone you're carrying and what car you are driving.  There are endless things to be passionate about that cost absolutely nothing, and will make you a more interesting person to hang around.