June 30, 2016

Big Sur

The day we drove on Highway 1 and went camping at Big Sur... What a day. And when I said camping, I mean off regular camp grounds, with absolutely no cell reception, and going to the bathroom wherever you want with a shovel and toilet paper, and no showers. And without all that, I had the most amazing time with friends and enjoying one of the most amazing views I've seen. Looking at these photos from the trip compare to say photos from 3 years ago with my expensive outfits, it really assures me that traveling and trying new things is the way to go. And that life is too short to be spending money buying expensive things you're too afraid to wear or use :)


  1. It looks so amazing from the beautiful pictures! It must have been such a unique experience wild camping :)

  2. WOW!! What an amazing place! And it seems to be so peaceful...
    Hope you had a nice time there!



  3. The colors in the water are amazing! And you're just as lovely in Chucks.

  4. Love how you're living life Julie - you've come quite a ways it seems!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
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  5. Julie, I think it is wonderful that you are learning things are not as important as we seem to think they are... I am pretty sure that type of camping isn't for me but I do think we need to take time off the grid and enjoy some time with nature... those scenic pictures are so amazing xox

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  7. Yes, life IS too short. Google "Karimun Jawa", your next destination I bet.

  8. Awww! I'm really feeling confident now that I've read your short but simple piece. I'm still young and do lust after things that are pretty and pricey and then I feel a bit bad when I realize how much money I spend for a trip to travel...then I realize these experiences and memories are priceless compared to a pair of shoes or a dress I bought in the past. I'm glad to see you've had such a rich time and life needs to be enjoyed when we have the chance!

  9. Cool adventures pics and this was like wonderful trip and those camping photos were great to see all those ELearning Voice Overs

  10. Adventure.

    I love it.


  11. So beautiful. Love these photos.



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  13. Cool adventures pics and this was like wonderful trip and those camping photos were great to see all those Dizi Sahneleri

  14. Lovely place! Enjoy the moment of your life.

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