October 16, 2016

A Weekend in Kingston Ontario

Over the summer I've had the opportunity to experience Kingston first hand thanks to Kingston Tourism. I've always driven by Kingston on the way to Toronto and never spent too much there other than have lunch and gas up the car. It was definitely a difference experience of Kingston that I would never otherwise have.

Kingston back in the days was mulitairy focused so it has a lot of history. For example, one of their biggest tourist attraction is Fort Henry. There are also a lot of museums and Canadian history around town. However, for someone like me who is more... Visual... Kingston is filled of pretty houses and manicured yards. I enjoyed walking around and taking photos of all the archetectures, and check out what seems like a number of endless restaurants downtown. For the size of Kingston- there are a LOT of restaurants and bars!

Below are a list of things to do in Kingston that I have put together:
- Rent a bike and bike along the river
- Take the ferry to Wolfe island
- Check out a vineyard such as the Prince Edward County
- Go to the antique market on Sunday (you can find some really cool stuff there!)
- View Kingston from above with the Kingston Flying Club
- Take a Kingston Penitentiary Tour
- Take your camera and just walk around downtown & the waterfront!

Again, special thanks to Kingston Tourism for this great opportunity to explore my neighboring cities. For more information please visit VisitKingston.ca