October 27, 2016

Ottawa Wine and Food 2016

One of my favorite event in Ottawa is the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival, which happens every Fall. This year, it is happening on the weekend of November 4th - November 6th at the EY Centre and Infinity Convention Centre. I love going to the Wine and Food as it is a great opportunity to get dressed up to have a ladies’ night. Wear that cocktail dress you never have a chance to wear anymore, or those killer heels, or even some glitter and frills- all is okay and greatly accepted at the Wine and Food. The Wine and Food festival consist wine from all regions, from Spain to California to Ontario’s very own VQA. If you aren’t a wine drinker- don’t fret. There are some liquor vendors there, as well, craft beer has become a huge thing and there are more than plenty of craft beers you can taste (Whitewater brewery, Mill St Organic, just a few of past year’s vendors).

To celebrate the upcoming event, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite wine that I’ve tasted from previous years attending the Food and Wine show that now is a regular in my liquor cabinet. The Chloe is one of my favorites- it’s a nice light red, good for any appetizers and meat dishes. The Unreserved white goes amazing with cheese when it is chilled.

If you don’t know a lot about wine, this is a great place to go to discover some new ones and to learn a thing or two about wine. Don’t be intimidated if you know absolutely nothing about wine- here is a little cheat to sound like you know what you're talking about: white wine goes with white meat (chicken, fish) and red wine goes with red meat (pork, beef, lamb). So if you are trying to impress that someone, sip some white slowly, look like you're deep in thought, and say something like "hmm, I imagine this would taste great with some rotisserie chicken." Trust me, coming from someone who has been working part time in wine for the last 5 years- most people really don't know as much about wine as they say they do ;)

Ottawa Wine and Food Festival has been so kind to offer a pair of tickets for you and a friend to attend this year's show! All you have to do is go on my instagram photo here and tag a friend you would like to bring to the show to enter. Or, if you don't have an instagram account, comment here and say "I want to go!" with your email address. The winner will be contacted Nov 1st!

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