December 19, 2016

Puerto Rico Photo Diary

We landed in San Juan and did a few days in old San Juan- a touristy city where we ate mofongo every day. Whatever they put in those fried plantains is very addicting. We also spent a few days in beautiful El Yunque rainforest and another few surfing at Luquillo beach to work off all the mofongo calories. The waves were pretty damn good.


  1. Julie, it will be difficult to come home after staying there... we have the opposite weather, I would take that over gorgeous sun any day of the week... xox

  2. Love your share, and i love these photos

  3. Amazing pictures! I would love to go there. Happy New Year! xoxo


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  5. Such stunning photos dear! My last holiday with a city break to Bangkok with my mom but I do love a beach getaway! You look so healthy and I totally adore your tanned skin!

  6. Such stunning photos dear! My last holiday with a city break to Bangkok with my mom but I do love a beach getaway! You look so healthy and I totally adore your tanned skin! Astrovizyon


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