October 10, 2017

Moments with Thompson Toronto

{Gucci Sunglasses from @EyeSeeYow}

Over our Thanksgiving long weekend we had a chance to check out the Thompson Toronto. I've heard from various people that they have one of the best rooftops in the city. Checking out rooftops isn't really a thing that I normally do. The buildings I've live in were too short to have a worthwhile rooftop. Taipei has some tall buildings, but you'll probably develop lung cancer if you are outside long enough to see past the smog to appreciate the view. The Thompson really has an incredible view of downtown Toronto. The Rogers Centre, financial district towers, and of course the CN tower. From the Thompson's rooftop, Toronto looks like a cool Lego city. And if you thought that sounds cool, you can soak in the sights from an infinity pool! Lounging in the heart of the city really doesn't get any better than that.

At the Thompson Diner we were greeted by Earl, a super charming manager. Earl had a smile that just made us feel so welcomed. Instead of ordering my usual Eggs Benedict brunch, I had the fried chicken and waffles. I remember one time I commented to my friend, Igho, that all fried chicken taste similar, some might better than others but none are really 'way' better.

"Nawww, then you've never had real good fried chicken." Igho said while shaking his head.
"Really!?", I was skeptical.
"Dude. I'm black, I know my fried chicken."

You don't challenge a black person on their knowledge of soul food, just like you don't challenge an Asian on their taste in rice. I always thought Popeyes is way better than KFC or Union 613. It turns out that I had not tried tasty fried chicken was until my brunch at the Thompson Diner. The chicken blew my mind. The skin was crispy and the meat was extremely tender and juicy. It changed my view on fried chicken, there is such a thing as 'amazing fried chicken' after all.

On the way out we heard a Drake song. Toronto loves Drake and Toronto-ians go crazy when a Drake song comes on in the club. Is there a Toronto by-law stating that any establishment or radio stations must play Drake at least once an  hour here? Do you need to say that you like Drake in order to get a right swipe Tinder here? It sure seem that way. They will probably incorporate Drake's face into the logo for the GTA in the near future... Whether or not that happens, I look forward to jumping into the infinity pool at the Thompson Hotel rooftop.