December 10, 2017

A Chemical Peel Kind Of Afternoon

Have you heard the saying, "you spend the first 25 years damaging your skin and 25 years trying to repair it"? I can confirm that it is accurate. In high school, I didn’t wear sunscreen because I didn’t worry about sunburns. I used sub-par product to wash my face and I didn’t bother with moisturizer. Now I am paying for it with blemishes on my skin. Thankfully there are way to treat this damage!
A few weeks ago I had an appointment with Dermis Advanced Skin Care, in downtown Ottawa. Their medi-spa caters to people interested in improving their skin. Their specialists provide various services including routine facials, treating signs of aging and blemishes, laser hair removal, and more advanced treatments including Botox and laser hair removal.
When I walked into Dermis Advanced Skin Care for my appointment, the first thing I notice was their display of high-quality skin care products. Dermis also offers a selection of organic skin care, including Eminence. I was there for and exfoliation and skin rejuvenation facial and my esthetician was super friendly and helpful. She walked me through the procedure that I was getting and discussed how regular facials can help reduce the signs of aging. She also addressed some myths about chemical peels.
Myth: Chemical peels will reverse aging.
Chemical peels do not really reverse aging. Most rejuvenate the skin, and help prevent or reduce the appearance of particular skin issues. (If you are someone whose skin is damaged from excessive exposure to UV-rays, your may require additional treatments).
Myth: Chemical peels are bad because they are full of harmful chemicals.
Most of the ingredients in chemical peels, including the low-strength acids, are completely safe and regulated by federal health agencies. Their manufacturing is regulated by the same groups that regulate the medicines that you keep for treating a headache.
Most chemical peels work by accelerating your skin’s exfoliation process. For maximum benefit, you should include regular chemical peels (once every few weeks) in your skin care routine. Problems can arise when the treatment is done incorrectly at home, so I always recommend to have facials performed by a professional esthetician.
My afternoon at Dermis Advanced Skin Care was very informative afternoon and my skin looked great when I left. I will definitely be back!

Dermis Advanced Skin Care
116 Albert St #110, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3
(613) 233-7546