February 3, 2018

Weekend Lounging

Is it freezing in Ottawa right now or what?! Being from the west coast, I am not a fan of winter. Thankfully, there are many ski hills around Ottawa and that makes it more enjoyable than a winter Victoria BC.

These days I try to go skiing as often as I can. When the temperature is less than ideal, I have been trying new recipes and relaxing at home with my pup. I also have more responsibilities at work so that has been keeping me on my toes.

On my days at home, I prefer my comfy lounge wear to fancy outfits. This robe (the "Ursula Short Robe) is from NK iMODE. NK iMODE, a Canadian company founded in 2003. I absolutely love it because it fits really well and because it is 100% silk it is super comfortable. It is a great companion when I'm lounging on my couch watching Netflix. To quote Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, "It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!"

When I received the package, I knew right away that NK iMODE are focused on the finer details of their products. Not only the box was luxe, it came with cute care instructions, and the robe itself is very well made. I would definitely recommend something from them as a Valentines Gift. It's easily one of those gifts where you could say, "oh honey, I bought this for you!" when it is really a great addition to your wardrobe.